Tarantula Spider

Closeup of a tarantula spider

The tarantula is considered the biggest spider in the world and it belongs to the Theraphosidae family of spiders, which consists of 900 different species. Most tarantula species are not a threat to humans. Some are even in high demand because of the exotic pet trade.

Tarantulas look scary because of their size and hairy bodies and legs. But their mild venom, which is weaker than that of a bee and obtained after a moderately painful bite, make them relatively harmless.

The largest tarantula is pseudotherathosa apophysis, which has legs that can reach up to 13 inches. This kind of arachnid has a very long life span and some species can live up to 30 years.

They may have a bad reputation but tarantulas are wonderful and amazing animals. They spend most of time hiding when not hunting for food. In fact, they are usually hunted by other animals although most of these animals do not succeed due to the good defenses of this eight-legged arachnid.The hairs at the back and abdomen of the spider break off with the slightest contact. The broken portions burrow into the predator and make them itch excessively.

Tarantulas have eight legs, which make them fast runners. They bite only as a defense mechanism. So don’t panic when this spider bites you!


There are about 300 species of tarantulas and the greatest number of tarantulas are in South America.


Tarantulas are considered nocturnal predators as well as burrowers because they live in the grounds of tropical, sup-tropical and arid areas of the world. They vary in color and behavior according to their specific habitat and environment.

Tarantulas undergo a periodic shedding of their external skeletons by which they also replace their internal organs, including female genitalia and stomach lining and regrow cut legs.

Food and Hunting

Tarantulas are carnivores. They also eat insects and small reptiles, such as lizards and snakes, and amphibians, such as frogs. Their fangs have venom enough to kill and dissolve the flesh inside of the prey. Tarantulas can also kill their prey through their strong mouth parts. They do not use a web to get their prey.

The venom of tarantulas is solely used for killing their prey and has no capability of killing a person so that there is no need to worry when seeing one or getting across a tarantula.

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