First Aid Steps for Poisonous Spider Bite

Learn the 5-step first aid for poisonous spider bite and keep calm. These steps are important to reduce the risk of allergic reaction and fatal effects of poisonous bites from black widow and brown recluse spiders, and other poisonous kinds of spider.

When bitten by a poisonous spider such as the brown recluse or the black widow spider, do not panic. Learn the five-step first aid treatment for poisonous spider bites.

Step 1: Clean and Protect the Bite Area to Prevent Infection.

The first thing to do if bitten by this venomous spider is to clean and protect the affected part of the body. The bitten area should be cleaned using mild soap and water.

Step 2: Apply Antibiotics.

After thoroughly cleaning the bite part, apply antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.

Step 3: Apply Ice or Cold Compress.

The affected area should also be iced as a part of the first aid for poisonous spider bite and elevated when the bite is located on the arm or leg.

Step 4: Do Not Discard the Dead Spider.

Killing and saving the culprit poisonous spider such as a brown recluse spider must also be part of first aid for poisonous spider bite. This is important for identification purposes of the spider prior to administering of an anti-venom to the bitten individual.

Step 5: Bring the Victim to Hospital.

call-emergency-911Prompt treatment should be provided by a doctor or a medical expert on poisonous bites especially to children. Call 911 and bring patient to the nearest hospital for immediate attention.

A brown recluse spider bite can cause serious implications that is why it is important to immediately treat its bite which can result into tissue damage. The healthcare provider is tasked to treat the bite wound and will also prescribe the necessary antibiotic, painkillers and anti-venom shots to prevent any allergic reaction to the spider bite.

The bite of a black widow such as that of the female black widow can cause death to the victim. It is important to immediately seek a healthcare provider or just go to the hospital emergency room when bitten by a black window.

Some symptoms resulting from the black widow bite are vomiting, weakness, nausea, increased blood pressure, muscle pain and cramps to name a few. These symptoms are serious enough for the victim to be provided with first aid.

Follow up treatments for the victim include tetanus shot or booster as well as hospital admission especial when symptoms such as high blood pressure and intense pain are evident.

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