Is Your Workplace Safe from Spiders and Spider Bites?

Outdoor workers are especially prone to spider bites

So you think you’ll be safe from spiders when at work? Quite the contrary because there are workplaces where spiders are commonly found. You just need to be careful.

Outdoor Workers

gardener-working-can-be-bitten-by-spidersPoisonous spiders such as the black widow, brown recluse and hobo spiders can be dangerous to persons working in outdoor working areas. Workers who are at risk of being bitten by spiders are construction workers, laborers, farmers, painters, roofers, foresters, landscapers, gardeners, pavers, mechanics and all other workers who spend a lot of time working outdoors.

Outdoor workers must be careful when in places that include untouched materials such a fences, under eaves, woodpiles or areas where debris accumulates. These workplaces are places where black widow spiders dwell.

Black widow spiders are abundant in southern and Western parts of the USA and are identified with a red coloration pattern at the underside of its abdomen. Another venomous spider is the brown recluse spider. It is abundant in the Midwestern and southern states of the US. The brown colored spider has a dark violin shaped marking and usually dwell in work areas that is secluded, dry and sheltered such as those beneath the logs and in piles of rocks and leaves.

Indoor Workers

Poisonous kinds of spiders also find their way within structures and building indoor areas, making them a threat as well to indoor laborers such as cashiers, janitors and machine operators. An indoor workplace such as office may be the safest place against spiders and spider bites since an office is an orderly place where cleanliness and order is observed.

What Employers Can Do

However, it is still important for employers to educate their workers of the dangers of being exposed to venomous spiders as well as how they can protect themselves from spider bites. Workers must also be informed on what to do if they are bitten by spiders.

Employers are guided by labor laws on how to protect their employees from venomous animal or insect bites such as spider bites. Read Workplace Safety & Health Topics

Keep Work Areas Clean and Orderly

Spiders are usually not aggressive and most spiders bite when they are trapped or when they unintentionally come in contact with human being. Workers just like house residents should always keep their area of responsibility or living space neat and clean to avoid proliferation of spiders particularly those which are venomous.

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