Using Spider Insecticides

Spider insecticides in the form of dust, laquer or water-based spray can kill spiders. Use them to help prevent spider infestation and spider bites in your home.

Do you think it’s time to get rid of spiders using spider insecticides? Spiders form part of the Arachnida group of animals and are not considered as insects but anthropods and are home invaders. However, the difficulty in controlling spiders paved the way for the use of spider insecticides as an effective way of exterminating these creepy creatures.

Insecticidal Dust

Some insecticides are even labelled as “reliable” in exterminating spiders. Insecticidal dusts such as Delta Dust or TriDie are known to reliably cling to the webs of spiders, allowing the spiders to contact the spider insecticide dust and effectively minimize spider activity. The application of spider insecticide dust under the eaves of a house can also significantly reduce spider activity. However, insecticide dust are not appropriate to use in living areas; it is safe to use in roof voids.

Laquer Insecticide

An example of an effective spider insecticide is Dethlac or Rentokil Insectrol, which is a laquer that is considered a reliable spider killer. Precautions should be observed when using this type of spider killer since lacquer do not work well with plastic surfaces, generating stain as well.

Water-based Insecticide

A water based insecticide named Pro-Active C is unlikely to damage any surface but still is effective in eliminating spiders after application on walls, floor, ceiling, ceiling and wall junctions, around the window, near door frames as well as behind washing machines and cookers.

Residual Insecticide

Another spider insecticide which can be used in dealing with this problem is the application of Demand or Demon WP which is a residual insecticide that can be treated in all areas where spiders can be found including dark corners and under the furniture.

Web Cleanup

Easy control of outdoor spiders can be done using Essentria IC3 or EcoSafe Cob Web Clean Up which can be treated on porches, under the eaves and other areas outside of the building to prevent migration of outdoor spiders inside the residential unit. Cob webs can be nuisances when formed around buildings, homes, boats and marinas and can be eliminated by the use of a safe and eco-friendly treatment like EcoSafe Cob Web Clean Up which has a light mint aroma.

Spider Spray

A reliable outdoor and indoor spider spray is Talstar Professional, which can kill spiders on contact. The spider insecticide can be sprayed on the lawn, under and behind vegetation or shrubs to provide instant control of spider while providing residual treatment that can last for 2 to 6 weeks.

Use a spray insecticide to exterminate spiders
Use a spray insecticide to exterminate spiders

Most spiders are harmless but their appearance make them unwanted and can bring fear to others, eventually making many of us wanting to get rid of these eight- legged species considered as common household pests in America. It is true that spiders feed on insects but are considered undesirable when dwelling inside our homes particularly in basements, crawl spaces and damp sections of the building including darkened sections, cracks and areas where they can build webs.

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