Crab Spider Bite

The venom of the crab spider bite is enough to quickly paralyze or immobilize its prey but not poisonous enough to harm humans

Possible Allergic Reactions to Spider Bites

Some spider bites may result in allergic reactions and anaphylaxis. Because people react differently to spider bites, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction, especially when spiders are prevalent in the place you live.

Cane Spider Bite

The creepy cane spider is also known as the Large Brown Spider, usually the size of a tuna fish can. Its spider bite is usually small and not poisonous.

Five Most Common Spider Bites

Depending on the type of spider, common spider bites could be fatal, a health risk, or nothing more than an insect bite or bee sting. It all depends on the spider doing the biting. Here are five of the most common spiders that bite.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Spider bites may sometimes go unnoticed. Learn how to identify the brown recluse spider bite and what immediate medical action to take.

Brazilian Wandering Spider Bite

A Brazilian wandering spider bite could trigger a variety of systemic effects in the human body, including killing muscle, skin, and bone cells around the bite area and causing painful male erection that lasts for hours.