Spider Venom Can Cure Diseases

spider-venomSpider venom can cause death in many victims but is it true that spider venom can also help cure diseases?

The toxin in venomous spiders can be used in making medicines for curing diseases. Spider venom are used in treating different kinds of medical conditions including lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, disease, heart fibrillation as well as severe pain. Clinical studies are also ongoing to confirm spider venom as a remedy for other medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction and as a way of minimizing stroke damage.

Examples of spiders whose venom are useful for medical purposes are the black widow, the Australian funnel web spider, South American spider and Brazilian wandering spider.

Black widow venom may cure Alzheimer’s

The venom of a black widow spider is said to contain the chemical peptide which is a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Funnel web spider venom as pain reliever

An extensive research is also performed in Australia regarding the venom of the funnel web spider which has the most lethal venom that can affect humans. The venom is studied for use as pain medication.

South American spider for heart disease prevention

The South American spider venom is a possible preventive remedy for heart fibrillation which can lead to death in persons suffering from heart fibrillation.

Brazilian wandering spider venom may cure ER and stroke

It is possible that the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider can be a remedy to erectile dysfunction while other spider venom are studied as a way of limiting damage to a person who suffered from a stroke.

This is all possible. Even the most poisonous and scary creature can help treat some human diseases when the venom is modified. For example. a modified substance of a South American pit viper venom has been successful in treating high blood pressure such that a high dose of this venom can significantly reduce blood pressure. Even a small dose can lower blood pressure levels. This medication has improved the lives of many people just by taking small doses of the modified venom everyday.

A spider venom contains many protein molecules which is considered a major medicinal value. The venom also contains one of the seven compounds that can block human Nav1.7 channels which can eventually result in eliminating pain in persons with normal pain pathways. Spider venom are really considered for developing a new set of painkillers for chronic pain that is safe as well as low cost. However, there lies a challenge of isolating the essential compounds in the venom for creating new and effective painkillers.

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