Allergic Reaction to Spider Bites

Some spider bites may result in allergic reactions and anaphylaxis. Because people react differently to spider bites, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction, especially when spiders are prevalent in the place you live.

An allergic reaction to spider bites begin to manifest only after being bitten by a poisonous or non-poisonous spider. A reaction may also appear even hours after being bitten, so you must keep an eye on any spider bite particularly on your children. Victims of a spider bite can quickly recover from an allergic reaction when given prompt medical attention.

Spider bite allergy symptoms

Allergic reactions to spider bites include swelling, anaphylaxis, a lightheaded or dazed feeling, hives or itchiness and diarrhea or stomach cramps.


A swelling may occur in the lips, eyes, cheeks and even your feet after a spider bite. The swelling may spread into throat and this may be dangerous since it may interfere with your breathing.


Anaphylaxis is a serious reaction to spider bites that may lead to death. This condition manifests as tightening of the esophagus or throat , and makes breathing difficult and impossible sometimes.


Another sign or symptom of severe allergic reaction to spider bites is shock which results when the circulatory system of the victim cannot receive the right amount of blood for the vital organs.

Respiratory and skin reaction

Coughing, wheezing and feeling of fullness in the mouth or throat is also considered a sign of a severe allergic reaction. Hives and reddening of the skin can occur together with other symptoms of severe reaction after a spider bite.

However, spider bite does not cause skin bacterial infection. A recent research published in Toxicon this January revealed that spider bite itself would not exactly cause skin infection.

Remedy for spider bite allergy

Here are a few quick tips on spider bite treatment for allergic reaction:

  • Use of an ice pack may relieve minor swelling while itchiness in the bite can be eased by a topical cream.
  • A dose of Benadryl or diphenhydramine can also fight any subsequent reaction.
  • Some spider bites may heal after a while but some people prefer to clean the wound caused by the bite with an alcohol to prevent infections.

A person with allergy to spider bites can also worsen even when bitten by spiders that are both generally harmless and harmful ones like the black widow and brown recluse.

Severe allergic reaction to a spider bite is not common but some people may have more severe effects to spider bites or stings. Children and babies can be affected by the bites or stings at a more serious condition that adults. Immediate care is definitely required when experiencing such condition.

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