10 Common Spiders in UK

Spiders can be found almost everywhere around the globe. Non-poisonous and poisonous spiders have cousins in other areas in the world. Find out what are the 10 common spiders in the United Kingdom. The 10 common spiders in UK are the giant house spider, orb web spider, daddy long legs spider, false widow spider, cardinal … Read more

How Does A Spider Bite Look

How does a spider bite look? A spider bite may take on different forms but it is always a punctured wound at first. It may swell. Poisonous spiders can cause necrosis needing skin grafting. It can leave a nasty scar on your skin.

Cane Spider Size

The cane spider is also known as the brown huntsman, banana spider and giant crab spider. Cane spiders reach a size ranging from 3 to 5 inches wide and have a light brown color and a flat body.

Wolf Spider Size

Wolf spiders can be found all over the worlds and are abundant in meadows and grasslands and in other areas where they can hunt insects as food.They are considered small making them fast enough to chase their prey over short distances.